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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Pat Nevin "I will mention it every time I hear it"

Half-time at the Celtic-Motherwell Scottish Cup final, 21st May 2011.
Pat Nevin -

"I'm gonny mention it every time I hear it and I don't care if it's Celtic or Rangers or Hearts or Hibs or whoever, I will mention it and lets embarrass these teams".

Conveniently for Mr Nevin, this statement was made at the last game of season 2010/11 with no opportunity to employ the CIA listening devices to further "embarrass" supporters of Rangers or indeed their equally venomous but smaller Rangers Lite Edinburgh branch.

Should be a busy season for him then. I expect he hopes we have all forgotten about this little outburst by now.

I for one will be looking out for him fulfilling his promise, though I will not be inhibiting my respiration in anticipation.

I hope the BBC are keeping you in a LOT of soup Pat.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Won't be long now till pat has to talk about sectarianism first game at the £700.000.000 casino and hotel complex down Govan way. Don't you just love the BBC.