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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Revision of History - Jabba's Message to Fergus McCann

They will do everything the can to re-write history... This was written in 1998, ironically at almost the same time Traynor was penning his infamous 'Succulent Lamb' piece from inside David Murray's rectum...

"If McCann really were a supporter, someone out of the same mould as the thousands of foot soldiers who bought into the dream almost five years ago, he would be able to lift his eyes from his ledgers and see the damage his refusal to break his pay structure is causing."

"If anything the signing of Lubomir Moravcik at a cut price has merely caused them further embarrassment."

Irony doesn't begin to cover it.

The Final Say…James Traynor;


FERGUS McCANN has basked long enough in the warmth of his deeds.

Today most of the goodwill once commanded by Celtic’s managing director has been blown away by an ill wind which swirls around Celtic Park.

In fact, Celtic’s irksome managing director has overstayed his welcome. Mr McCann, it is time for you to be somewhere else. Anywhere will do because Celtic’s fans are tired of your posturing and disgusted by your parsimony.

McCann did give Celtic fresh hope but now his grip is choking the life out of the old club.

He should get out and take Jock Brownand Jozef Venglos with him.

As football rushes towards the millennium this trio might just be a little out of their depth. One is committed to maximising profit, apparently at the expense of the team’s ambitions, another keeps returning empty- handed from searches for new talent, and the third is a kindly old uncle figure unable to stand up to the club’s masters.

In the beginning McCann’s methods seemed quaint, and for a while most of us made excuses for his confrontational and abrasive style because he was unaware of the football business’s unwritten rules.

McCann could have adjusted but he hasn’t and comes across as a stubborn little man who will do it his way no matter what. It’s his train set and if he wants to run it right off the rails then so be it.

If McCann really were a supporter, someone out of the same mould as the thousands of foot soldiers who bought into the dream almost five years ago, he would be able to lift his eyes from his ledgers and see the damage his refusal to break his pay structure is causing.

Pretty soon his stock among the rank and file will be so low he may be allocated a place in the club’s hall of infamy alongside those directors who ruled before him. If he is not careful the mere mention of his name in crowded Celtic strongholds, like Bairds Bar in the Gallowgate, might cause a silence to fall over the places.

It would be a great pity if it should come to that but McCann and his disciples within the club have only themselves and their egos to blame.

They behave as though they and only they know better and that is an arrogance which has alienated each one of them and which now prevents the club from making progress.

Celtic, who lost again on Saturday, are a club without trusted leadership on and off the pitch, and it is pointless for McCann to emerge only occasionally either to patronise the fans or to toss verbal hand grenades in the direction of the media, sometimes his own players, and sundry snipers. It seems every time he speaks he makes more enemies, and Celtic don’t need to be isolated.

Apart from last season’s premier-division championship win, Celtic have known only trouble and misery. The last 10 years or so have been fraught with problems, manufactured mostly in-house, and the fans are bewildered and anxious.

They want genuine stability and a reason still to believe, but under McCann, whose allies would have the fans grovelling in appreciation until the end of time because he delivered the new stadium, this club has courted controversy.

How often have we witnessed the managing director rage at the world when he should have been building bridges? These outbursts are not laudable, they are laughable and his stand-alone policy is not bold, it is boring.

Even so, the fans would still be behind him if he had provided a team to take on all-comers.

Yet, Celtic are still waiting for the player who could strike a blow for them and strengthen their hope of retaining their title. That, Mr McCann is what is most important to your customers, yet you and your people have failed miserably to provide.

Celtic are still without a top-quality striker because they will not put themselves into the big-pay league. It is that simple and it is also where McCann lets the fans down.

Listen to this Fergus and try to take it in. You insult your club’s fans when they are told they don’t understand the economics of the business or the workings of the transfer market. And stop telling them players are too greedy and make enormous demands.

These are not newly-uncovered secrets, Fergus. The supporters could have told you how much would have to be spent to keep Celtic on top. The fact is fans don’t give a damn about how much money players want to grab for themselves and unlike McCann they don’t spend too much time fretting about the profit margin.

No one is greatly impressed either that McCann appears to have embarked on some kind of holy crusade to bring football’s expenditure under control, and his season- ticket holders would rather have the title with some debt run up on the transfer market than no title and no borrowings.

These fans are willing to gamble, and remember they, too, are shareholders.

They still find it difficult to believe Celtic didn’t sign reinforcements during the close season and they are appalled that a top-class striker has not yet been secured.

If anything the signing of Lubomir Moravcik at a cut price has merely caused them further embarrassment.

If you analyse Celtic’s behaviour since the title was won, you come to the conclusion this club are guilty of misjudging the mood of the fans and also their needs, but McCann is not the only culprit.

Recently Murdo MacLeod, who was Wim Jansen’s assistant, suggested Brown had come up with a possible signing target, and if the general manager now believes he is qualified to do that then Celtic’s problems are worse than any of us might have suspected.

Brown isn’t remotely qualified for such a specialised task. This man’s function is to close deals and run a smooth operation.

Can we honestly say he has succeeded in his remit?

Enough has been said about the lawyer-turned-television-commentator-turned- whatever- it-is he and McCann see him as now, but what are we to make of the good doctor?

He is a charming and thoroughly decent man, but that isn’t enough. Managing either half of the Old Firm requires steel as well as tactical know-how and I just don’t believe Venglos has enough left in his armoury.

He has been successful in the past but he is older now and I fear he is a gentle man out of his time.


Hoppers said...

"Celtic are still without a top-quality striker" - Aye Jim, that Henrik boy was rank rotten! And that Moravcik!? It's an embarrassment that a player of that quality ever pulled on the Hoops!

And don't even get me started on McCann! Saving the club then leaving us with the infrastructure to push on and become the biggest and best-run club in the country? Who the hell does he think he is!?

fheathermoore said...

Hahahaha, I sat here giggling at your comment. It's ridiculous isn't it? He talked about Fergus' ego, whereas David Murray has no such ego did he? Jabba has no such ego either does he? I'll take wee Fergus any day. He had a plan and it worked. Now when I see the state that the other mob are in and I hear the words that Peter Lawell is coming out with, I actually have faith in him. He has talked recently about a 10 year plan that we're only halfway through. I know nothing of finance, and I'm now willing to concede that these guys really do know more than we do. Let's give him the chance to prove it.