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Thursday, 29 May 2014

When is lack of competition not a problem?

You know how the media have been flooding us with a constant stream of propaganda about how the SPFL is crap because there's no competition and using this for the best part of the last 2 years to imply - or openly declare - that Sevco FC should be promoted straight into the top division?
Some in the media have even used this to justify the incredible assertion that the Championship will be a better league than the SPFL next season despite the two teams relegated from the top league finding themselves in that position due to being crapper than the other 10 SPFL teams and the Championship team who won the promotion/relegation play-off.
Ever wondered what it would be like if the boot was on the other foot?

Or been told the media would be saying just the same thing if Deid Club/Sevco were running away with the league title (that's the top division league title by the way, not one of the lower leagues although I hear winning one of those is still worthy of a star on the badge) year after year with Celtic languishing behind as also rans?
Well wonder no more, as courtesy of one of the Celtic Forums this gem has been unearthed. An slabbering piece of sycophancy written by St.Mirren fan Bill Leckie in 1997. For those wondering as to the identity of the ‘Muz’ character referred to, it's not too difficult to work out that this refers to David Murray. Clearly Leckie was well into the succulent lamb even in the days before Traynor made the phase famous. ==========================================
Bill Leckie, 1997
All I can say is, massive respect is due to Rangers – and Muz in particular – for keeping Brian Laudrup in the game.
And before all you Celtic fans – including the one standing over me with a rolling pin as I write this – start giving it the there-ye-go-ah-always- knew-he-was-wanna-them paranoia, remember one thing.
Rangers also beat you when Laudrup WASN’T playing.
This time last week I was all set to write a piece on how they had finally, eventually, taken the leap forward they’ve threatened for so long; but then the news broke that their greatest asset was leaving.
Suddenly all the summer’s advances – the arrival of a foreign coach, the signing of Thern and two top-drawer defenders, the Defenders lost their sheen.
You wondered just what a downer there would be on the day their Great Dane went walkies for good.
A couple of seasons ago, last summer even, you wouldn’t have bet tuppence on
Muz being able to talk the boy round. But something has happened at Ibrox, something you can’t put your finger on, which seems to have propelled them into a different orbit.
And so, as Ajax sat back waiting with a spacecake and an Oranjeboom and Fergie came out gloating that the player was his, Muz quietly got down to the business of making Laudrup stay.
Were I a Celtic man, I would be so afraid. No manager, no sign of a manager, two biggest names threatening to do a bunk, no sign of new blood, season ticket holders in a major huff.
Call me picky, but things do not look good. And hell mend them.
I cannot believe how quickly and how far Fergus McCann has allowed things to slip, especially after Tommy Burns took them so close.
It is easy to say now that Burns was a failure, but what is nearer to the truth is that he was a very good manager with the wrong club.
The closer he got to toppling Rangers, the more his emotional attachment to Celtic overtook the rational thinking his job required.
Others would disagree, but I reckon Burns will go on to be a huge success elsewhere, starting in King Kenny’s bootroom at the Toon.
What is not up for argument, though, is that Celtic are in a far worse state without him than they were with him. Rangers are leaving them further and further behind with every passing day and there is no white smoke from the Parkhead chimney to signal a comeback.
The Ibrox men are, I reckon, one more signing away from finally leaving their greatest rivals – and, therefore, the rest of us – so far behind them they will be no more than a dancing dot on the horizon.
Who is that signing? I’d go for Batistuta – though Muz says no – but whoever they end up with he will be big time and he will be here soon.
It’s enough to make any Celtic fan hide behind the couch.
Sorry? Oh, you already are.

Interesting. So in July 1997 Brian Laudrup was set to walk out the door but at the eleventh hour, Muzza Moonbeams, was able to talk him into staying.

I wonder if a wee side letter was involved.

Can't believe Fergus McCann let thing slip so badly indeed.

Meanwhile Rangers 1872-2012 were clearly in 'Muz's' safe hands.

Clearly Fergus McCann didn't do enough to earn a nice wee pet nickname from the lamb junkies, although Fez would be out of place for a great man synonymous with another item of headwear


Anonymous said...

Personally the lack of competition is a problem and the SPFL is poor.

The lack of a rival for Celtic hasnt help and when of If we do have another rival it wont help much.

Winning the league just doesnt do it for me and only the prospect of playing decent European Opposition does. It is a fact that the lack of a good league has hindered our progression.

DanielFergus said...

You may well have a point, but that is not the point of the article.

Where was all the wailing and gnashing of teeth in the media about lack of competition between 1990 and 1997 and the unrelentless talking down and negativity re Scottish football then?

The succulent lamb loyal were more than content to spin Moonbeams about Rangers 1872-2012 dancing off into the sunset for European Super Leagues and hell mend the rest of us.

Now that Rangers died and the print media are not far behind them we're supposed to see the bigger picture.

The bigger picture is a big club cheated and mismanaged their finances and suffered the consequences. No-one is to blame but themselves. If the rest of Scottish football is supposed to provide charity so that we can return to those days, urged on by a media seeking to maintain its lamb fix, we might as well pack up and forget it.